X8R Remote Caddy Black – 3 Accessories Included


Product Description

The Bat-Caddy® X8R is our top of the line innovative and unique remote controlled caddy. It features a lightweight high tech aluminum frame weighing in at only 22 lbs (10 kg). It has an easy one step folding design, folding into a package that is smaller than most regular push carts. It is propelled by two powerful independently controlled 200W motors, a wide range FCC authorized remote control system which gives you full control up to 90 yards. It comes standard with 12V SLA battery or optional Lithium Battery. The trolley can also be operated manually with a seamless rheostat and cruise control and can be easily pushed even without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course. It features a 10, 20, 30 distance timer, a charging USB port, deluxe extra wide bungee bag supports, large diameter wheels with wave spokes featuring a newly designed wheel/axle connection system.


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