What Type of Trolley Suits You?

Remote Control vs Non-Remote Trolley

What type of trolley works for you, Remote Control or Non-Remote? We sell both and are happy to work with you to choose a trolley that’s the right fit.

Let’s explore the Pros and Cons of both.

Remote Control

Pros Cons
Ultimate freedom on the course More expensive to purchase
Never go back to your trolley, it comes to you Can be distracting watching out for your trolley
You can walk freely, just like having a pro caddy Weighs more than a non-remote (2 motors)
Use it as a non-remote when required A little more complicated to use
Send trolley where you want without going back
Models with Gyro track straight on fairway

Non-Remote Control

Pros Cons
Less expensive In most cases cannot be converted to a remote
Not as distracting You always must be with your trolley
Lighter (one motor) Must go back to trolley in order to carry on
Easy to use Distracting if used in auto distance mode
Can’t lose your remote

Our MGI series features several models to choose from: three non-remote and two remote—all the same high quality with no compromise.