X4R Silver – Remote Caddy – Backordered

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*Unfortunately we are now out of stock and back-ordered on this unit. We expect our shipment to arrive mid-September. Please order to get on our list of first to ship/pickup once they arrive.

The all-new X4R is here with an brand new lightweight lithium battery! This battery is powerful enough for 36 holes on most courses, plus longer life because of less charging cycles. Compare this to our competitors’ batteries. The X4R has an advanced anti-tip wheel and also has a new T-handle for those customers that want a more traditional design.

For a limited time, the X4R comes with a Beverage Holder.

This new technology lithium battery will last at least 8 times longer than a lead acid battery; it’s 20 pounds lighter and does not have charging memory so you can charge it as often as you like.

This package includes: Battery, Bag, T-Connector and Lithium Charger.

Bat-Caddy Model Comparison:


* Depending on hilliness of terrain and weight of golf bag and accessories

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