Bat-Caddy X4R Silver – Remote Caddy – Includes 3 Accessories



The all-new X4R is here with 2 powerful battery choices, an economical Lead Acid Battery (SLA) and our Ultra Lithium battery providing power from 27 to 36+ holes*.  Compare these to our competitors’ battery options. The X4R has an advanced anti-tip wheel and also has a new T-handle for those customers that want a more traditional design.

For a limited time, the X4R comes with a Beverage Holder, Scorecard Holder, and Umbrella Holder included.

Our new technology Lithium batteries will last at least 8 times longer than a lead acid battery and are 20 pounds lighter, they do not have charging memory so you can charge it as often as you like.

The Battery package includes: Battery, Bag, Connector and Charger.

* Depending on hilliness of terrain and weight of golf bag and accessories

* Some images may show optional accessories

* Please read our detailed warranty information

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