Winter Storage and Maintenance


This is a Drop off service to our Oakville Showroom!

To ensure your caddy is in the best condition possible for spring, let On The Go Leisure store and maintain it this winter. We will perform all of the items below:

  1. Storage of your caddy in our climate controlled insured warehouse
  2. Regular battery charging over the winter months
  3. Load test battery
  4. Clean all parts of your Caddy (not a detailing service).
  5. Remove dirt and grass from wheels and components
  6. Lubricate bearings, axles, bolts and hinges
  7. Tighten all bolts and nuts
  8. Check battery lead for breaks or cuts and clean connectors
  9. Clean battery terminals and wiring
  10. Check all wiring for breaks and cuts
  11. Check operating features (remote, manual controls)
  12. Check wheel treads for wear and connection
  13. Check battery hold down straps for wear and function
  14. Check bag supports for wear and connection issues
  15. Check folding mechanisms for proper functionality

Email written report on completion with recommendations if required.