Navigator Quad Gyro – Black – with 3 accessories – Certified Pre-owned (Up to 10 Rounds)




MGI Navigator Quad Gyro – Certified Pre-Owned Units with up to 10 rounds of golf!

These are Black MGI Navigator Quad Gyro’s, that are refurbished and have up to 10 Rounds of golf. They come with a 1 Year warranty.

Each MGI Navigator Quad comes with a Scorecard, Umbrella and Beverage Holders.

The MGI Navigator Quad Gyro Remote Control buggy will be your new best friend on the golf course and is dynamic on every level. With a full directional remote control you can direct your buggy left, right, forward & reverse and have more energy to play your best game.

It is the pinnacle of luxury and power with intelligence to stay on track and respond to your needs at the press of a button. The patented Gyro anti-deviation technology helps master any terrain by keeping the buggy straight on track irrespective of the terrain (it can literally move across a hill instead of down). Once you’ve tried the MGI Navigator Quad Gyro, you’ll be obsessed and wonder how you ever played golf without a Remote control.

This unit includes: umbrella holder, scorecard holder, beverage holder, and rear anti-tip wheel.

Many other optional accessories are available.

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