MGI Zip X5 Black – Demo – With Accessory Bundle

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The MGI Zip X5 features an adjustable upper handle, adjustable upper bag support and charging USB port.

This demo has never been used on a golf course and includes a full accessory bundle. Please call 1-800-469-0061 or email us at for more details on this demo.

Make it a level playing field with the MGI Zip X5 with the ingenious advantage of Downhill Speed Control and an Electronic Park Brake. The downhill speed control eliminates the need for the golfer to manually adjust the speed control when walking downhill creating an effortless, weightless transition on all downhill terrains. Such a feature allows the golfer to focus only on the next shot, leading to lower scores and increased satisfaction. Plus, park on any incline by activating the electronic brake at the press of a button. MGI Zip X5 is the game changer.

Signature Features

  • Electronic park brake stops and holds the MGI Zip X5 on any terrain.
  • Downhill speed control maintains desired speed on all downhill terrain.
  • Controlled Distance Function enables the setting of a desired distance and the buggy will stop on demand
  • Re-settable odometers for tracking walked distances, longest drive and total use
  • Charging USB Port
  • Swiveling & lockable front wheel
  • Fully fold-able rear 4th wheel for added stability


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