Lithium Battery (12V26Ah) – including Bag, Charger, and Connector

$499.99 $398.99

Our lithium battery has a full two year warranty – it’s not pro-rated!

This powerful lithium battery will allow you to easily get 36 holes on most courses!

Our 12V Lithium batteries last 6 times longer than Lead Acid Batteries, they are 20 pounds lighter and do not have charging memory so you can charge it as often as you like.

Our Lithium battery comes with a solid state circuit board that doesn’t allow the battery to overcharge and shuts the battery down when it reaches an unsafe low voltage.

There has been a lot in the news lately regarding the dangers of Lithium Batteries exploding and/or burning. We take many steps to ensure our Lithium Batteries are the safest on the market. Our batteries are UN 38.3 certified which is required by Transport Canada, this certification ensures our batteries are safe to use and have passed all required Transport Canada requirements. We also only transport our batteries in UN certified packaging, making sure they get to their destination safely. To protect yourself, make sure to ask for a copy of the UN 38.3 or MSDS test report before buying batteries from other suppliers.

This package includes – Battery, Bag, T-Connector, and Lithium Charger.

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