Lithium Battery (12V26Ah) – including Bag, Charger, and Connector

$499.99 $398.99

Lithium battery with full two year warranty!

One of the most powerful electric trolley lithium batteries on the market, allowing you to easily get 36 holes on most courses, giving a longer life because of less charging cycles!

The OTGL 12V Lithium battery lasts years longer than Lead Acid Batteries, weighs 20 pounds less and does not have charging memory due to it’s Battery Management System (BMS) so you can charge it as often as you like.

Our Lithium battery comes with a solid state circuit board that doesn’t allow the battery to overcharge and shuts the battery down when it reaches an unsafe  voltage.

This package includes – Battery, Bag, T-Connector, and Lithium Charger.