Bat-Caddy X4R (Demo)- Lithium Battery – Black




This is a demo X4R. It is in good shape and has been checked over thoroughly by our service technician. It comes with a one-year warranty.

The all-new X4R is here with a powerful lithium battery. The X4R has an advanced anti-tip wheel and also has a new T-handle for those customers that want a more traditional design.

The  lithium battery package includes: battery, battery bag, connector and charger.

The Bat-Caddy X4R™ is one of the most innovative and unique remote-controlled caddies and probably the best-selling remote-controlled motorized caddy in North America. It features an amazingly lightweight high-tech aluminum frame. It has an easy two-step set up design folding into a package that is smaller than most regular push carts. It is propelled by two powerful independently controlled quiet 200W motors, a wide range FCC and Industry Canada approved remote control system which gives you full control up to 90 yards. It comes with a super light, compact and environmentally friendly lithium (Li) battery. The trolley can also be operated manually with a speed control dial and cruise control and can be easily pushed even without battery power, so you will never be stuck out on the course. The X4R differentiates itself from the X3R by the innovative, European-inspired frame design with adjustable handle height, its slightly more compact size, as well as its remarkable agility. Both caddies share the same proven key components, such as motors, batteries, drive train, electronics and remote control systems.

Bat-Caddy® electronic golf cart products are highly innovative and manufactured to the highest ISO 9000 quality standards. Based on our track record Bat-Caddy caddies have the highest performance and are the most competitive carts in the global market for motorized golf trolleys and represent what really counts in this market: A great balance between functionality, performance, practicality, quality, and value.

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